Who we are, a message from CEO and Founder;

We have recently celebrated Company’s 10th anniversary and we think it is a good moment to look back. We have started as a small company, with 2 employees, and now we became the widest with network online tourism agency in the globe and also the most trusted online tourism agency by customers

We are the first Online Travel Agency in the region with company owned intellectual properties (such as, Company Name, Logo, URL, source code, database, online booking engine) and company hired IT staff.

Over the years, the only constant thing that remained with us was the passion for travel. We have changed offices, we have changed technological platforms, we have replaced printed plane tickets with electronic tickets, but the passion for Travel remained in our DNA.

Yet we always happily want to fulfill our clients needs from Travel Agencies as we call them Business to Business (B2B) or our lovely end customers we call them Business to Customers (B2C) hence we built Travelostic Online Booking Engine as online travel agency (OTA) to provide all necessary needs for travel within one online Platform.

We have gathered the beautiful chapters from company’s history. We are grateful for every client who let us to ease his/her journey, even if we are talking about a short city break, a long and relaxing holiday or about a plane ticket to see his/her dear ones. We like to be part of every experience in every gatherings and trips.

Even though we will not stop here, we will always bring you cheapest, best, secured, reliable and up to date services to your home door, lets start a new chapter of business or leisure every day, 

Yours truly,

CEO and Founder